Adam’s Canyon

This is the Place
Hike into a wonderland of scrambling

Off a rather inconspicuous turn-off on the south end of Layton, sits Adam’s Canyon, a 3.7-mile round-trip hike to a waterfall. HIke up a 1,400-foot change in elevation with some snowy and icy scrambling, but stop to notice the surrounding towering mountains and trees the size (and texture) of dinosaur thighs.

P3Always Starts with Switchbacks, Huh
The hike’s first section is a fun but pretty standard one for you and your dog. After the 10 switchbacks up the mountain into the mouth of the canyon, there are lots of spots near the creek for taking a breather. Trailhead GPS: 41.06618, -111.90991

Slick Slab
Around Mile 3 lies what I like to call “Slab Rock.” It’s a steep exposed stone, with minor juts that make parts of its face crossable. In the winter, when it’s icy, crossing it means risking sliding down 20 feet into the creek. But there is a way around it—hike straight up, parallel to the rock for about 30 feet. There, the relatively flat trail curves behind the rock where you can cross more safely.

P5Go Ahead, Chase Waterfalls

A miniature waterfall next to a leaning rock (which ices beautifully) is a sign you’re near the end waterfall. It’s also a sneak peak of the way the water freezes, layer by layer, with water continuing to rush underneath the ice sheets.

Final Ice Down

The trail ends in a mountain cirque with water pouring down one corner. It cascades down in expanding icy layers—like how an old-timey wedding dress billows out. It’s a free-for-all once the water hits the ground, spreading around rocks until it narrows into the river on the other end of the stony cavity. Take it in, then head home the way you came.

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