Two dozen ways to get your motor running in the 801.

A different activity every hour for 24 hours. This is one of those “not that you would, but you really could” articles the Vamoose editorial team challenged me to come up with.
Any hour of the day, Salt Lake City is brimming with fitness opportunities—and I don’t mean “fittin’ this fried-chicken sammich in my mouth” type of fitness, though we have that, too. From spring skiing to activities in city parks or group fitness classes, there is no shortage of ways to burn off that winter coat of blubber.

6 a.m. Spinning with Lya
For those of us with bad knees from years of skiing, basketball or life in general, cycling is a stellar way to workout with little impact on joints. Using the CHEK philosophy, lifestyle coach Lya Wodraska develops training programs using a whole-body approach, addressing issues in diet, exercise and overall wellness to help people enjoy a new level of wellness.
BodyWise Fitness, 1400 Foothill Drive, No. 20, Salt Lake City, 801-583-0200

7 a.m. Ashtanga Mysore yoga
Full disclosure: For someone so “outdoorsy,” I can be a bit of a klutz. I’ve fallen out of a tree pose. But, after a few yoga classes, I learned I had close to zero core strength and even less flexibility. Yoga is one of those workouts that’s as tough as you make it: from restorative to core strength building—and sometimes a bit of both.
Front Climbing Gym, 1470 S. 400 West, Salt Lake City, 801-466-7625

8 a.m. Morning juicing
Let’s call this one an intestine workout for colon fitness. Fresh pressed juices provide a shot of natural sugars and cleansing antioxidants. My favorite is the Local Love, made from locally sourced produce. If you really want to step up your fitness game, try one of their multi-day cleansing programs.
Vive Juicery, multiple locations

9 a.m. Skate skiing
There are two types of cross-country skiing: classic and skate. Think of classic as gently shussing forward, one leg at a time, and taking in the fresh air and mountain scenery. If you want to, in the famous words of Emeril: Kick it up a notch! Try the more aerobic skate skiing, which is akin to running with skinny skis on your feet. Solitude Nordic Center offers lessons and rentals on both styles of travel, weather permitting, until April 15.
Solitude Mountain, 12000 Big Cottonwood Canyon, 801-534-1400

10 a.m. Spring snowshoeing
There’s still snow in them thar hills as well as numerous trails conducive to snowshoeing in Big Cottonwood and neighboring Millcreek canyons. A few of my favorites include Butler Fork and Mill B South trails (if you have avalanche training and gear). The latter provides access to Lake Blanche—one of the Wasatch’s most picturesque locations.
Salt Lake Ranger District

11 a.m. Walk the dog 
Tired yet? Good, me neither. But, let’s give the puppy a workout, too. Liberty Park is a veritable Fido heaven—with ponds, ducks, other dogs, joggers, walkers—the list goes on. It is a sensory overload for our four-legged friends and enjoyable for their humans, as well. Another plus: The sidewalks are usually well-maintained and cleared of snow during the winter.
Liberty Park, 600 E. 900 South, Salt Lake City, 801-972-7800

12 p.m. Run a loop at Sugar House Park

Sugar House Park features over 110 acres of green rolling hills with a gorgeous duck-filled lake in the middle of it all. The road that loops the park is about 1¼ miles long, making it perfect for walking, running, skating and cycling (even ski training if there’s a spring snow). Car traffic is slowed to 20 mph allowing those on two feet to be king of the road.
Sugar House Park, 1330 E. 2100 South, Salt Lake City, 801-467-1721

1 p.m. Indoor climbing
For climbers, keeping their fingers and forearms in shape for actual rock is a challenge in the winter months. Thanks to Momentum Climbing, it is possible to get on belay year-round and pick up where you left off next spring at the crag. Novice climbers will appreciate the upper- and lower-body workout climbing offers.
Multiple locations

 2 p.m. Dance class
Let’s get back our feet back on solid ground and learn a thing or two. DF Dance Studio offers classes in salsa, swing, tango, hip hop, bachata and more—even twerking. I took a salsa class there once and learned I have no rhythm. Hopefully, you’ll do better.
DF Dance Studio, 2978 S. State, Salt Lake City, 801-466-0490

3 p.m. GREENbike around downtown 
GreenBike’s 33 stations in the downtown area allow you to enjoy unlimited trips in 24 hours for just $7! Perfect for connecting Point A to Point B and get some exercise along the way. Heading north is slightly uphill, which is a great way to warm up with a mellow pedal on spring days.

4 p.m. Top Golfing
Swinging the sticks is never a disappointment at Top Golf. I usually prefer the third level to take in views of Mount Olympus and drink service for adult beverages. But, since today is all about exercise on a tight schedule, I’ll aim (pun intended) for any open and heated bay. Top Golf driving range feels more like a bowling alley, using golf skills (or lack thereof—beginners have just as much fun here) to hit golf balls toward dartboard-like targets.
Top Golf, 920 Jordan River Blvd., Midvale, 801-208-2600

 5 p.m. Sports massage
I’m preferential to Healing Mountain Massage School, as costs are reasonable there—beginning around $35—for a 50-minute massage by a student. For a licensed massage therapist, it will run you a few extra dollars. Make reservations in advance.
Healing Mountain Massage School, 363 S. 500 East, No. 210, Salt Lake City, 800-407-3251

6 p.m. Sweat is at Rebel Ride 
Yoga class meets dance club at a spin class: That’s the best way to describe this group workout. Lights dim, music pumps and energetic instructors lead you through a pedal circuit on beat. With plenty of full body motion thrown in, this a complete workout. Be prepared to sweat. A lot. 
Rebel Ride, 320 W. 200 South, Salt Lake City, 801-718-7448

7 p.m. SHOWER!
I keep my $10 per month membership at the downtown Planet Fitness for many reasons: It’s only $10, for one. Plus, there are showers available if I bike commute. And obviously, a full gym of fitness equipment.
Planet Fitness, 175 E. 400 South, No. 100. Salt Lake City

8 p.m. Public ice skating
Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7 to 9 p.m. (in addition to other daytime hours, check the website) are the times to grab a loved one and skate for as long as your ankles hold up at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex. Enjoy two Olympic-sized ice rinks where you can learn to skate and figure skate.
Salt Lake City Sports Complex, 645 Guardsman Way, Salt Lake City, 385-468-1925

9 p.m. Hot toddy time
A après-ski treat, and no one makes it better than the Sitzmark Club. This classic bar in one of Alta’s venerable hotels drips with history and ski lore, but experience it now since it closes (with the ski season) on April 15. So drink to your health and warm up before our next activity.
Alta Lodge, 10230 Utah 210, Alta, 801-742-3500

10 p.m. Moonlight ski
As long as the spring snowpack holds, don your touring setup and skin your way up Alta’s Collins Valley. One of the few resorts to allow—almost embrace—uphill travel after resort hours, skiing by headlamp is a magical experience. Obey all closures and enjoy the stars and sounds of a winter night.
Alta Lodge, 10230 Utah 210, Alta, 801-742-3500

11 p.m. Bar room dancing
Swap touring boots for comfy shoes and hit up one of the live bands at The Hog Wallow. Conveniently located at the foot of Big Cottonwood Canyon, the Wallow serves up pizzas, live music four nights a week and has friendly bartenders.
The Hog Wallow, 3200 E. Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, Cottonwood Heights, 801-733-5567

12 a.m. LAST CALL!
Ready for an all-nighter? There’s no better way to get your heart rate up than with a swim. VASA goes the extra mile offering a lap pool at many of its locations, some of which are open 24 hours a day. Want to swim a mile? That’ll be 30 laps. They also have a Jacuzzi to soothe your muscles post-swim
A Bar Named Sue, 3928 S. Highland Drive, 801-274-5578, Salt Lake City; 8136 S. State, Midvale, 801-566-3222

1 a.m. Lap swim
Ready for an all-nighter? There’s no better way to get your heart rate up than with a swim. VASA goes the extra mile offering a lap pool at many of its locations, some of which are open 24 hours a day. Want to swim a mile? That’ll be 30 laps. They also have a Jacuzzi to soothe your muscles post-swim
Multiple locations

2 a.m. Fuel up
Twenty-four hour restaurants are rare in Salt Lake City, but the Village Inn near the University of Utah is open until 3 a.m. during the week and all night on weekends. Skip the usual hangover order and choose a Cobb or Southwest salad, both under 600 calories, and they pack enough protein to power you through the rest of the night without slowing you down.
Village Inn, 910 E. 400 South, Salt Lake City, 801-355-3753

3 a.m. Gym rats converge 
Tired yet? Neither are we, nor are the night-owl gym rats at 24 Hour Fitness at 3 a.m. Classes don’t start quite this early, so hit the elliptical to keep the blood flowing.
24 Hour Fitness, 1121 S. Ashton Ave., Salt Lake City

4 a.m. YouTube yoga
The last thing we want to do is pull a muscle this late in the game, so settle in at home for some early morning yoga with Amanda Outside (click here for her YouTube channel). Check out a variety of her videos with short routines of 3-20 minutes. She’s filmed several of her videos in Utah, including a tone class on the red rocks of Southern Utah, so you’ll feel right at home. Perfect for a quick stretch before we hit our final activity.

5 a.m. Dawn patrol at Silver Fork 
Hopefully, your boots stayed warm in the car, because you’ll need them again for pre-dawn ski-touring (snow-conditions permitting). If you are an advanced skier, the best bang for the buck in my opinion are the Meadow Chutes in Silver Fork (Big Cottonwood Canyon).
Non-skiers can don a pair of snowshoes and amble up the base of Silver Fork Canyon.
Park at the base of Solitude Resort and walk west across the runs near the base of Eagle Express. Silver Fork Road intersects here. Follow it until the Meadow Chutes loom above on the right, then retrace your steps.
Again, avalanche safety rules apply and don’t ski alone. No matter your mode of transport, enjoy the sunrise on the way down, when the snow is glowing pink and orange in the early morning dawn.
As a bonus, Silver Fork Lodge is minutes away and, after 8 a.m., serves sourdough pancakes, made from a century-old starter. You’ve more than earned the carbs and calories.
Big Cottonwood Canyon



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